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Mahjong Tower 2


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Are you familiar with Mahjong Tower 2 games? Yes or No, here you can find a great newest version of this popular flash game called Mahjong Tower 2. Play it whenever you want, you just need Internet connection! And maybe some friends to help you to solve some really difficult quizzes.

Have Fun with Mahjong Tower 2

Mahjong Tower 2 is a perfect flash game free for online to have fun and make your brain work. If you have a few free minutes, make the best use of them!
The rules of the flash game are pretty simple:

  • Choose your favourite browser
  • Push New Game or Check Rules in the section “How to Play”
  • The goal is to remove all tiles and free the board.

Once you get the easy logic of Mahjong Tower 2, you will easily succeed in all other Chinese flash games.

Customise Your Layout in Mahjong Tower 2

The new version of Mahjong Tower 2 gives you not only a bunch of interesting levels, but also an opportunity to select from a number of layouts like:

  1. Perfect Tower
  2. Integrated Circuit
  3. Crown
  4. Butterfly

What is your next Mahjong Tower 2 for today?
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